PoutRant alert:

Fact: The iPhone 3Gs which is still an amazing very capable phone is now FREE with contact.

Fact: The iPhone 4 is only $99 with contract.

Just because the form factor of the iPhone 4S and the fact that it still has the “4” nomenclature doesn’t mean that it isn’t an amazing phone. The innards for the most part are dramatically different than the iPhone 4.

So why are people complaining? Because now all their friends have an iPhone 4 and they need to have something new to tout for a month before it too loses it’s charm.

The iPhone 3Gs and on are all great devices and quite capable. I tend to think people who want an iPhone 5 don’t actually use their current iPhones productively in the first place.

Just because an iPhone 5 didn’t materialize yesterday doesn’t mean your current phone isn’t a great tool and will suddenly stop becoming a great phone.

I’m done…

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