visualize.jpgI enjoy my Apple TV very much. I love browsing through the numerous podcasts, renting movies, and showing off my digital pictures to friends and family. I would love it even more if, while blasting my music in my living room through my semi-decent sound system I could have some choices for what gets displayed on the screen. Album cover art and photo slide shows are nice and all, but some of the slick visualizers you can get for iTunes and other media players would be so nice on a big bright widescreen HDTV. Better yet, have a visualizer section right in Apple TV where I can download visualizer plugins for the system directly. Heck if you need to charge a few bucks for it even, that’s cool with me. Apple you listening?

  1. Jens

    Features!?! How about ability to add a 2TB hard drive to the USB port for additional space?? How about a bluetooth keyboard? And a web browser?
    These are features that hackers have added why not for everyone??

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