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  With iOS 10, scheduled for full release this fall, Siri’s voice becomes the last of the four components to be transformed by machine learning. Again, a deep neural network has replaced a previously licensed implementation. Essentially, Siri’s remarks come from a database of recordings collected in a voice center; each sentence is a stitched-together […]

I enjoy my Apple TV very much. I love browsing through the numerous podcasts, renting movies, and showing off my digital pictures to friends and family. I would love it even more if, while blasting my music in my living room through my semi-decent sound system I could have some choices for what gets displayed […]

So I got a chance to try this out. Works pretty much as advertised. At the bottom of the iTunes window you can select your local computer or your Apple TV to stream your audio to. Works very well. Another new feature of Take 2 is the ability to purchase iTunes content directly from the […]

Take 2

So I finally got around to updating my Apple TV to the latest firmware. Update went very smoothly and I started to cruise around the new interface. I totally loved my Apple TV before the update but somehow I love it even more now. Three major initial luvin points: 1) 1080p output! Yeah! 2) AirTunes […]

Every so often I’ll come across an article claiming the failure of the Apple TV. They site poor expected sales and it’s lack of features as determining factors of it’s apparent demise.  While I’m not going to argue on the sales numbers of the device, I must clarify what exactly the Apple TV is in […]