feature-logo.pngSo the final release of Firefox 3 was unleashed to the world today and as I mentioned before I really liked what they were doing with it. I even went as far as seriously pondering switching over completely. Well since then it seems that I’ve been spending pretty much all my time in Firefox as opposed to Safari. The minor quirks in Firefox (skewed widget form rendering and Apple-Ctrl-D keyboard shortcut to do a dictionary lookup) simply do not justify going back to Safari. The one thing I will miss however is that all my bookmarks from Safari, sync to my iPhone quite nicely so I’ll have to figure that one out (any ideas?), but still not a show stopper. Additionally I found a great theme that makes Firefox very Safari like in appearance. I’m not much of a theme guy and tend to stick with defaults but this one was just too good to pass up. You can grab it for yourself here.

I currently have 24 tabs open in the final release of Firefox 3 and Activity Monitor shows memory utilization at 277 megabytes. It’s as fast and responsive as if I had only a single tab open. Outstanding. Bottom line: Get Firefox 3 now!

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