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Amazingly exhaustive. The attention to detail in this review make me tear up. Hats off to Federico Viticci. Well done sir.  

At least a couple of times a month emptying my trash will result in the dreaded: Operation cannot be completed because the item “File” is in use Instead of digging up the command to find which App is locking the file I discovered the free app Sloth which is basically a graphical front end for the […]

Reeder 3

Solid update from my favorite RSS reader:   

I’m not sure how I’ve lived without this for so long but I’m so glad I finally stumbled across it.   Check it out.      

The anticipation is over! Reeder 2 is out and better than ever. A new iOS 7 look, Universal App and a slick new icon make this a must have. The only last missing piece to normalcy pre Google Reader shutdown is a Mac version. This should tide us over till then. Get it now!

CleanMyMac 2

Being the self proclaimed minimalist that I am, I’ve always been a big fan of MacPaw’s CleanMyMac product to do some house cleaning on my Mac every now and then. I’ve always been pretty content with it but I must admit, today’s announcement of CleanMyMac 2 completely blows my expectations away. I won’t go into […]

Neat 1Password Trick

I’ll admit I was pretty late in the game to jump on the 1Password bandwagon (just last year!) but I’ve since seen the light and can’t imagine my Mac without it. To sweeten the deal even further I found this great little trick over at Nerd Gap and had to share. If you’re not a […]


Available now on the Mac App Store is a cool little Lion centric app called Yoink. Like all great little software gems, Yoink was created to scratch an itch. In this case the itch was to figure out a way to more easily drag files between spaces and the new fullscreen apps in Lion. I […]

Pretty detailed weather stats and free to boot… check it out.

Imagine carrying around a tiny SSD disk with an entire OSX install and all your files contained on it. You go to work and pop it in a slot on an iMac and boom… you’re up and running on a full fledged workstation with all your data and OS customizations intact. At the end of […]

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, my absolutely favorite RSS reader for iOS devices is Reeder. And now the Mac version is finalized and in the Mac App Store! I’ve been using the beta version for quite some time and it’s as gorgeous and simple as the iPad and iPhone versions. If you’re a […]

It Just Works

Great piece by MG Siegler about Apple’s thought process behind iCloud. Give it a quick read over here.

Wonder if they’ll keep updating the Mac version. Update: Looks like they will according to the press release: Microsoft will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms. Good summary can be found here.

Jumpcut is one of those minimalistic utilities that seem so naturally intuitive you forget that it’s not a part of the OSX when you’re not on your own Mac. Jumpcut is a free application for OSX that simply buffers everything you copy/cut into the clipboard. This buffer is accessible as your clipboard’s history through an […]

One of my all time favorite Google Reader clients for the iPad and iPhone is Reeder. It’s gorgeous simplistic interface makes managing and reading your RSS feeds an absolute pleasure. Today you can try out the public beta version for OSX. It has the same simplistic interface and brings all the goodness of the iPad […]

Ecamm today announced a new application that allows virtually any printer you can connect to your Mac to be shared via Apple’s new soon to be released iOS 4.2 feature AirPrint. Called Printopia, the software is nicely integrated into your System Preferences and quietly shares any printer you choose to wirelessly. Once enabled you can […]