Ever since the whole Amazon Chase Visa Rewards debacle blew over I’ve had a chance to try out Apple Pay a couple of times now which I think just may make me an expert 😉

Honestly there’s not much to really say. I mean it works. It works just like Tim Cook showed at the announcement. The first time I made a purchase was at a Whole Foods and I was a little disappointed at how quick the handshake was.

The entire experience lasts seconds with the best part being hearing the register on the other side of the counter churn out a receipt moments after you have your thumb on the Touch ID sensor. The first time it happened so quick I thought I missed something. The second time took a few seconds longer but nonetheless went through. 

I look forward to trying it out at other retailers but I expect the experience to be identical, especially considering that the EMV terminal hardware looks to be identical or very much similar to the ones deployed at Whole Foods.

If you’re lucky enough to have a supported card give it a whirl. You’ll feel like you’ve been paying this way all along after just your first purchase.

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