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Amazingly exhaustive. The attention to detail in this review make me tear up. Hats off to Federico Viticci. Well done sir.  

  With iOS 10, scheduled for full release this fall, Siri’s voice becomes the last of the four components to be transformed by machine learning. Again, a deep neural network has replaced a previously licensed implementation. Essentially, Siri’s remarks come from a database of recordings collected in a voice center; each sentence is a stitched-together […]

Looks like it’s Apple accessory update Tuesday. Apple updated their Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader to work with the iPhone and support USB 3 speeds on the iPad Pro.   

Didn’t see this one coming: Charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for increased talk time up to 25 hours, Internet use up to 18 hours on LTE, and even longer audio and video playback.* With the Smart Battery Case on, the intelligent battery status is displayed on the iPhone Lock screen and in Notification […]

Yes, yes and yes! This entire analysis by Neil Cybart is so unbelievably spot on:    Apple Watch: “The job of the watch is to do more and more things on your wrist so that you don’t need to pick up your phone as often.”  iPhone: “The job of the phone is to do more and more things […]

Reeder 3

Solid update from my favorite RSS reader:   

Ever since the whole Amazon Chase Visa Rewards debacle blew over I’ve had a chance to try out Apple Pay a couple of times now which I think just may make me an expert 😉 Honestly there’s not much to really say. I mean it works. It works just like Tim Cook showed at the […]

And just like that Amazon is back on my good graces.  

According to TechCrunch Apple Pay support is coming! Amazon has confirmed to TechCrunch that its Rewards Visa Card will indeed support Apple Pay, and that the company is working on making this happen. No time frame yet but good news nonetheless. Still curious as to why the delay though.

When Apple announced Apple Pay I was excited to learn that I hit all the requirements to try it out of the gate. Chase bank was one of the launch partners as was Visa and I happen to have an Amazon Rewards Visa card. Turns out that it looks like Amazon specifically opted out of […]

The screen is beautiful. I don’t mind the larger form factor but if Apple updated the 4” phones to the 6 form factor I would be very interested. I can type much quicker and more accurately with the extra width on the keyboard. Coming from a 5, I don’t notice a difference in battery life […]

Best explanation I’ve seen so far regarding the new iPhone 6 displays.  

Great write up comparing the 5s camera to the 5. I really think the 5s will be the first iPhone to finally convince me not to bring my “regular” camera on trips. Amazing shots for a camera phone.

Nine Million

Apple announces a record nine million phones sold in 3 days after the release of the 5s and 5c and just an hour into it, the market suddenly decides that its worth their time. Really? Is that all it took was spoon fed positive numbers? sigh Will be interesting to see how the day pans […]

The anticipation is over! Reeder 2 is out and better than ever. A new iOS 7 look, Universal App and a slick new icon make this a must have. The only last missing piece to normalcy pre Google Reader shutdown is a Mac version. This should tide us over till then. Get it now!

For some reason I actually don’t have a lot of contacts that have extensions but this should be a great tip for a lot of you: iOS 6: Auto-Dialing Phone Extensions