Apple: You got me.

I hadn’t been in an Apple store in quite some time. The iPod Touch had just come out. Those shiny new iMac’s had been out for some time now, and I had yet to check out those cool stubby iPod nano’s. So the other day I just happen to be in the vicinity of my local Apple store so I thought I’d pop in.  I had actually been thinking about getting an iPod touch since they were released.  I travel quite a bit so I was in the market for an internet tablet type device which would allow me to do some simple web browsing without the need to lug around my MacBook. I had looked at the Nokia N800 internet tablet in the past as a possible solution. So when the iPod touch came out I thought it would be perfect.  Not only did it have web browsing capabilities but it would double as my iPod. One less device to carry around. The fact that it was limited to 16 GB of storage was not really an issue since I usually listen to a small percentage of my music library while on the road anyway.  So I popped in and headed over to the iPod touches and picked one up.  Wow this is slick. So thin.  So intuitive. It can play my movies and video podcasts for those long plane or train rides.  It displays my photos as well. Hey it even has a calendar and can sync all my contacts. I was pretty much sold at this point. I rarely impulse buy, but this I could really see utilizing quite a bit. I decided to take a peek at the new iMac’s and see what else was new before I made my purchase.  Turning away from the iPod touches I was immediately greeted with the iPhone display.  I had seen one in person before and used it briefly.  It was a great device but I was happy with my T-Mobile plan and the fact that it was tied to AT&T was a big stumbling block for me.  I had heard the Edge network was quite slow and the fact that I couldn’t easily take this overseas and pop in a prepaid SIM card made that stumbling block a full on barrier.

Then I picked one up.

It was slightly more beefier than the iPod touch but just as slick.  It had all the functionality of the touch but with the obvious added benefit of a phone and e-mail access. Then I started thinking. For the same price as a 16GB iPod touch I could consolidate not only my desire for an internet tablet and iPod but my phone as well? One device.  Phone, e-mail, PDA, internet, iPod, video, photos. Heck it even has Google maps.  One device. One! The tide was turning.  I picked up the rate plan card and took a peek.  As much as I loved T-Mobile I had to have this. I had to have this now. I just couldn’t justify spending the same amount of money without the phone functionality.  Granted, it had half the storage capacity and my cell phone bill would go up a bit, it was  all just too convenient. It made so much sense! About 4 hours later I was an AT&T subscriber with my old cell number transfered over and everything.  Regrets? Not one.  Even with the extra monthly cost, the slow Edge network, and the quirky limitations of the phone (more on this later), it is by far the best “cell phone” I’ve ever owned.  And it also just happens to be the best iPod, PDA and internet tablet as well.

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