As you can tell I’ve been on a bit of an iPad Pro obsession recently mostly because I’m just fascinated analyzing where Apple is going with this for their long term vision.

This piece by Fraser Speirs is just genius:

If you speak multiple languages – and who among us is not at least passably familiar with that other great world language Emojii? – the MacBook Pro has one serious, glaring flaw. You have to commit to a specific keyboard layout and language from the factory that can never be changed. Yes, you can remap some of the keys in software but then you’re using a keyboard where the key caps don’t match the keystrokes. Crazy!

The more I read about the iPad Pro the more I’m starting to think that Apple feels like the keyboard as a physical device is on its way out for the masses. The ability to morph your keyboard into something entirely different based on usage is huge not to mention not needing to manufacture different keyboards for different languages, layouts, etc.

The other points are spot on as well.

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