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Touch Bar Epiphany

Looking at the various ways Apple chose to use the Touch Bar in their own applications it occurred to me that when (yes when) Apple brings a form of the Touch Bar to the iPad Smart Keyboard it will drastically reduce the need to touch the iPad’s screen to perform a lot of common tasks.  […]

Amazingly exhaustive. The attention to detail in this review make me tear up. Hats off to Federico Viticci. Well done sir.  

Dear Tim Cook

  I am a simple 15-year-old who has loved to doodle for as long as she can remember. I adored my first generation iPad mini, so when the iPad Pro came out I decided I could use an upgrade. What an upgrade!!   And he responds. So great.  

Looks like it’s Apple accessory update Tuesday. Apple updated their Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader to work with the iPhone and support USB 3 speeds on the iPad Pro.   

Yes, yes and yes! This entire analysis by Neil Cybart is so unbelievably spot on:    Apple Watch: “The job of the watch is to do more and more things on your wrist so that you don’t need to pick up your phone as often.”  iPhone: “The job of the phone is to do more and more things […]

As you can tell I’ve been on a bit of an iPad Pro obsession recently mostly because I’m just fascinated analyzing where Apple is going with this for their long term vision. This piece by Fraser Speirs is just genius: If you speak multiple languages – and who among us is not at least passably […]

Reeder 3

Solid update from my favorite RSS reader:   

Xcode on iOS?

I make a living writing cross platform Apps for my clients but if Apple ever came out with an iPad version of Xcode I would seriously figure out a way to just develop iOS Apps, grab an iPad Pro and call it a day 😉 Fascinating thought experiment for developers. Xcode running directly on the […]

iPad Pro Review

One of my favorite reviews of the new iPad Pro so far. Federico Viticci has a unique perspective as the iPad has been his primary computing device for some time now.   The iPad Pro is positioned as a more productive take on the iPad for those who need to get work done on it. […]

Since the introduction of the iPad I’ve assisted my fair share of friends and family with getting acquainted with their shiny new tablet. A few were already iPhones owners. Most we’re being exposed to the Apple culture for the first time. None had ever owned or used a Mac. During the course of showing them […]

The anticipation is over! Reeder 2 is out and better than ever. A new iOS 7 look, Universal App and a slick new icon make this a must have. The only last missing piece to normalcy pre Google Reader shutdown is a Mac version. This should tide us over till then. Get it now!

Something very interesting happened since I got my iPad Mini. I started noticing it a few weeks ago but didn’t want to admit it. Today though I must confess. My original review of the iPad Mini was gushing: The consensus it seemed was that the new smaller, lighter form factor was a winner to the […]

iPad Mini: Review

Nice surprise this morning when my tracking app alerted me that my iPad Mini was going to be delivered today instead of the scheduled delivery tomorrow. Sure enough promptly at 10:30 AM there was the FedEx guy at my door. I had read all the reviews of the mini for the past week or so […]

So I ended up picking up one of the new Smart Covers Apple quietly introduced while at WWDC last month. Having used it since I can honestly say this is one of the few, if not only, Apple product that just does not live up to the high standards that Apple usually delivers on. What […]

Fedex delivered a shiny new iPad 64 GB with 4G into my grubby hands 5 minutes past noon time today. What you need to know: 4G… nice Dictation…nice Better camera…nice Better CPU.. more Ram… fluid… like butter. Retina Display… … … … … Oh I’m sorry I was distracted by the most amazing display I’ve […]

The day Apple announced that they were bringing multitasking capabilities to the next iteration of iOS was the day I knew without a doubt that the days of snappy, fluid and instant feedback GUI response on my iPhone was over. Over time I have learned to love Apple’s implementation of allowing Apps to run certain processes […]