CleanMyMac 2

Being the self proclaimed minimalist that I am, I’ve always been a big fan of MacPaw’s CleanMyMac product to do some house cleaning on my Mac every now and then.

I’ve always been pretty content with it but I must admit, today’s announcement of CleanMyMac 2 completely blows my expectations away. I won’t go into a full review here… you can give it a quick download and see for yourself what it can find tucked away into the far corners of your drive, but for me this one screenshot says it all (click to enlarge):


It always bothered me that iPhoto would keep almost every revision of every picture I’ve ever played with and finally I can now safely and easily get rid of over 5GB worth of revisions. Simply expand each category and you’ll be presented with a nice grid of all affected pictures with a before and after thumbnail. A single click selects all once you’ve reviewed them.

Besides the new iPhoto Cleanup feature it seems the remaining processes have been fine tuned considerably as well. At least on my drive it seemed to do a much better job at Language cleanup within apps than the older version did. 20 minutes after installing I had cleaned up 48.45 GB though I must admit the majority of that was the iPhoto cache.

Very highly recommended… hat’s off to the team at MacPaw… nice job.

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