P X2 angle connect rgbBack from MacWorld and managed to get a chance to try out the wireless feature of the Doxie Go. Bottom line is that it works well. Basically the Doxie Go has an SD card slot in the rear of the unit that accepts an included (if you purchased the wireless version) Eye-FI wireless SD card.

The setup steps first necessitated downloading the Eye-Fi manager software from the Eye Fi site and configuring it for my network. Once that’s done I needed to change the default download location to dump the scans into the Doxie folder in my Pictures folder instead of the default. Basically now Doxie acts as a digital camera and simply dumps scans onto the SD card which in turn wirelessly transfer the scans via the Eye-Fi to my Mac. Since the Doxie software keeps track of the Doxie Eye-Fi folder it automatically populates scans directly into the Doxie application. Pretty clever way of doing this I think.

You can also setup the Eye-Fi to connect to your Mac in Direct Mode meaning you don’t need your Mac and Eye-Fi to be on the same Wi-Fi network for the scans to go through. I have yet to try this out though any issues I may have had would be Eye-Fi specific.

With the built in battery and wireless capabilities the Doxie Go has made the task of managing paper bearable and at times… border line fun 🙂

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