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Great profile over on Bloomberg on Johny Srouji, senior vice president for hardware technologies.   Srouji runs what is probably the most important and least understood division inside the world’s most profitable company. Since 2010, when his team produced the A4 chip for the original iPad, Apple has immersed itself in the costly and complex science of silicon. […]

Looks like it’s Apple accessory update Tuesday. Apple updated their Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader to work with the iPhone and support USB 3 speeds on the iPad Pro.   

Yes, yes and yes! This entire analysis by Neil Cybart is so unbelievably spot on:    Apple Watch: “The job of the watch is to do more and more things on your wrist so that you don’t need to pick up your phone as often.”  iPhone: “The job of the phone is to do more and more things […]

Amazon Echo

Not exactly Mac related but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. Amazon Echo is hybrid speaker and assistant that is always listening for your questions and commands. Looks interesting though no native iOS companion App just yet.         

I really, really wish I had a valid reason to pickup the new Retina enabled iMac. Amazing perspective.

Looks like Microsoft has some work to do for a second generation release. Check it out.

So I ended up picking up one of the new Smart Covers Apple quietly introduced while at WWDC last month. Having used it since I can honestly say this is one of the few, if not only, Apple product that just does not live up to the high standards that Apple usually delivers on. What […]

So yesterday Microsoft released their first home grown entry into the tablet arena with Surface. A few thoughts after watching the presentation: 1) Having just come back from WWDC it’s quite entertaining to see how the presentation tried hard to have the fluidity of an Apple keynote and I must say I praise Microsoft for […]

Fedex delivered a shiny new iPad 64 GB with 4G into my grubby hands 5 minutes past noon time today. What you need to know: 4G… nice Dictation…nice Better camera…nice Better CPU.. more Ram… fluid… like butter. Retina Display… … … … … Oh I’m sorry I was distracted by the most amazing display I’ve […]

Back from MacWorld and managed to get a chance to try out the wireless feature of the Doxie Go. Bottom line is that it works well. Basically the Doxie Go has an SD card slot in the rear of the unit that accepts an included (if you purchased the wireless version) Eye-FI wireless SD card. […]

It’s here. Finally! I’ve been waiting for Doxie Go to be released and lo and behold, my first day at MacWorld and they show up right around the corner from the Printopia booth I’m helping man. (Shameless plug… if you haven’t checked out Printopia check it out now… it won an Eddy last year!) I […]

With the latest iteration to the MacBook Air’s that Apple released earlier this month, I now felt that the horse power and specs within this sliver of a machine was now up to my slightly more pro standards. Last Friday I picked up a maxed out 13″ Air (256MB SSD Core i7) and haven’t looked […]

Imagine carrying around a tiny SSD disk with an entire OSX install and all your files contained on it. You go to work and pop it in a slot on an iMac and boom… you’re up and running on a full fledged workstation with all your data and OS customizations intact. At the end of […]

Apple refreshed their iMac line this morning. New noteworthy features include: QuadCore Intel i5 and i7 CPU’s AMD Readeon GPU’s Thunderbolt Port(s) Built in camera now supports FaceTime HD For all you desktop users it seems to be a worthy upgrade if you’re in the market for a new machine.

I’ve recently been traveling a bit more with my trusty 15″ MacBook Pro in tow and have had the unfortunate opportunity to having to place it on less than ideal environments. A friend of mine recently got me on to a unique case by Speck called the SeeThru Satin. After having seen it in person […]

Today Apple announced the new iLife ’11, new features in the next OSX revision called Lion and new Mac Book Air’s. Like the original Air the new ones don’t come with any built in optical drive but relegate that duty to an external unit. They kind of had to since that would be the only […]