Screen Shot 2013 06 13 at 4 55 36 PMSo the big news from this years WWDC is unsurprisingly the drastically redesigned iOS 7. I’ve decided to have my first impressions sit for a bit before concluding any opinions. After spending a few days with it here we go.

First off this is a very very early version and as such has a lot of missing features, performance issues and all in all nothing close to being a polished product. Having said that we can at least see the direction Apple is heading and not to ruin the surprise but it’s a very promising one.

Like any drastic technological change people will either love it right away or take some time warming up to it. iOS 7 is no different. Going back to my primary iOS 6 device some of it seems down right ancient in comparison. The new UI iOS 7 introduces is less about a drastic change in how you use the interface and more about having the interface be representative of the device it’s on.

This is important to understand. In 2013, mobile users are now comfortable in navigating a mobile screen and as such Apple has decided to now concentrate on really fine tuning the interface to take as much advantage as possible of the device it’s on and less with presenting the user with a familiar visual.

The eventual benefit is that in a short time a user will become much more efficient with using the device and navigation will become much more fluid.

All the Apps look different yet are still very familiar. The lighter design let’s the content become the focus instead of the interface widgets and controls.

iOS 7 reminds me of the way OSX evolved. Each iteration simply fine tunes what was done before until it becomes a well oiled polished product that reverts to the background to let you concentrate on what you’re doing.

iOS 7 is this evolvement and it only means better Apps to come. As a developer I anticipate being able to concentrate less on having a slick interface since the foundation of iOS 7 will dictate that from the get go and more on enhancing the functionality of an App.

Looking forward for the next beta release…

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