Something very interesting happened since I got my iPad Mini. I started noticing it a few weeks ago but didn’t want to admit it. Today though I must confess.

My original review of the iPad Mini was gushing:

The consensus it seemed was that the new smaller, lighter form factor was a winner to the point that most users would prefer it even if they already had the larger model. The caveat being though that the lack of a Retina display was a disappointment but that in the end the form factor won out. I hate to disappoint but this will be a boring review since I pretty much have to concur.

I was wrong. Dead wrong. The form factor was an infatuation and nothing more. And like most infatuations, they’re fleeting. In the end no matter what app you’re using, you are at some point reading text. And the problem is Apple has pretty much spoiled me and others I’m sure. I simply can’t read text on a non Retina device any more. To my eyes it’s like reading a wet newspaper. I see every single pixel and dithered curve with utter disgust. It’s true. I am a retina snob.

I haven’t touched my Mini in weeks. And today as I was de-cluttering my desk I realized I was tucking my Mini in my desk drawer and it was then I knew. I would most likely never touch it again other than perhaps for testing a project for a few seconds at most.

My point is that if you’re considering a Mini and you’re already used to or have used the larger Retina iPad or even one of the newer Retina Mac Book Pro’s then please wait until Apple releases an Mini Retina. Don’t get me wrong. The form factor is simply amazing. But once your hands have settled into position and you actually start using the device, the form factor disappears and all you see is pixels… oh so many crunchy, blurry pixels. << shudder >>

  1. Kelley

    I can’t wait for the new iPad Mini. Thanks for the review-I will wait for the Retina iPad Mini to come out because I am used to my MacBook Pro and iPhone Retina.

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