iPhone2.pngSo now that it’s official, we’re all loving the specs of the soon to be released second revision of the iPhone. 3G, GPS, better battery life and third party apps. All great additions to an already outstanding device.

Back in early November I posted an entry entitled: Three iPhone features Apple missed. Shortly after, Apple came out with an updated firmware release that addressed two of the three missing features. I was happy. I envision a similar entry being written in the not so distant future, so I decided to get a head start on it. Once I’ve had my new iPhone for a few months and I’ve gotten used to the faster browsing, seeing where I am on the map, and playing one of the cool new tilt sensitive games I’ll go back to my normal daily usage. And I’ll start to wonder the following.

  • I’ll wonder how such a great device still can’t send or receive MMS messages.
  • I’ll wonder why I still can’t search through my e-mails.
  • I’ll wonder why I can’t cut and paste.

Just to be clear though, I am making the assumption that the above three features will not be included in the initial release of the new iPhone, simply because it was neither mentioned during the keynote earlier this week nor do any visual indications seem to hint at these being included. Who knows, perhaps one or more of the above will make it in but for the time being it doesn’t seem likely.

To balance out some of the negativity though, I’ll mention some of the features that did make it in:

  • No more inset headphone jack! Woo Hoo!
  • Save images from the browser directly to the phone. Nice.
  • Exchange support. Great to finally quench the cries of my blackberry carrying colleagues.

Perhaps I’m being too picky, or perhaps I merely want to make a great product even better. Either way there’s still room for improvement with the new iPhone and I look forward to not only picking one up but also scratching off some (or dare I say all!) items off my big three missing iPhone 2.0 feature list.

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