The iPhone 4 has the joy of being by far the best selling product launch in Apple’s history. It’s also has the pleasure of receiving the largest number of complaints… and yours truly is chiming in!

The antenna/signal issue seems to be the most talked about problem that’s making the rounds but the one I’ve been experiencing the most is related to the proximity sensor.

The proximity sensor is a sensor hidden in the area of the speaker at the top of the phone. It also seems to have moved location in the iPhone 4 as compared to prior models. It’s main purpose is to detect when you’re holding the phone to your ear so as to turn off the display preventing your cheeks from accidentally hitting any of the buttons. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be doing too good of a job.

Today alone I’ve successfully hung up on people 7 times, put them on hold twice and once put them on speaker. And forget about holding the phone to you ear with your shoulder when your hands are full… that’s a guaranteed hang up.

I really hope that Apple comes out with a fix for this soon because for now I’m forced to have my wired head set connected at all times during calls. Less than ideal as you can imagine.

I was fully expecting the new iPhone 4 to have it’s share of quirks but nothing as annoying as this one. I’m fairly certain it will blow over but for now it’s kind of a big deal. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my iPhone 4… just not to actually make calls with. 😉

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