The screen is beautiful.

I don’t mind the larger form factor but if Apple updated the 4” phones to the 6 form factor I would be very interested.

I can type much quicker and more accurately with the extra width on the keyboard.

Coming from a 5, I don’t notice a difference in battery life which is a good thing.

iOS 8 on the 6 seems buggier than on the prior generation phones but I’m sure the impending update will fix a lot of things (screen not rotating right, apps crashing and just not working like Find Friends and UI glitches to name a few)

The camera is simply outstanding. Slo-Mo and Time-Lapse are very fun to play with… especially with a one year old 🙂

Everything feels noticeably faster and more fluid. I have yet to try the 6 Plus but I’ve heard from reliable sources that the 6 Plus can be jittery at times, I’m assuming because it has to push more pixels with the higher resolution display.

All my existing docks, car adapters, etc all work just fine.

Apple’s leather case is the first case I’ve ever liked from Apple. Very nice… fits like a glove and feels great in your hand.

Can’t wait to try Apple Pay, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling when they’re available.


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