Magic Mouse

apple-magic-mouse.jpgCoincidently my wired mighty mouse started to get finicky on me recently and I also started to get weary of cleaning the track ball more and more frequently. Enter the release of Apple’s latest update to their mouse line: The Magic Mouse. Pairing and setup was a breeze. You will have to update your mouse software to take advantage of the added functionality the mouse provides until 10.6.2 is releases which will include that functionality natively.

Once configured the learning curve was near non existent. It is so intuitive to scroll and swipe without a second thought that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. My only caveat so far is that I do think I will be digging out my old mouse pad since the back surface of the mouse really doesn’t jive well with my desks laminate surface, resulting in a very rough feel when moving the mouse around.

Other than that though it is overall a very excellent update.


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