loaded_20100728.pngWith the recent release of the Magic TrackPad, Apple now has three desktop accessories that require AA batteries which apparently was enough to justify coming out with their very own rechargeable battery solution. The Apple Battery Charger is like any other wall socket charger but Applefied.


Inside the box you’ll find documentation, the charger and six AA batteries.


What can I say… it does what it says. But of course there’s some Apple magic in it as well. The batteries are claimed to last 10 years before losing their charging abilities and the charger automatically reduces the power trickle once the inserted batteries are fully charged. Apparantley you can also use the charger with other NiMH batteries as well though I haven’t tested this as of yet.

In an Apple household this charger fits in nicely for keeping your input accesories powered up at all times without worrying about having a fresh set of batteries stocked up. Worth it.

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