15au sblkI’ve recently been traveling a bit more with my trusty 15″ MacBook Pro in tow and have had the unfortunate opportunity to having to place it on less than ideal environments. A friend of mine recently got me on to a unique case by Speck called the SeeThru Satin. After having seen it in person on the MacBook Air 11″ I had a feeling it might be a contendor for being the first case I’ve ever had on a Mac Laptop.

I’m not a big fan of any sort of case and have never used one on any Apple product (not even my iPhone) instead trusting in the design of the product to do it’s job. Less than idea for minimizing scratches and protection but I always felt awkward hiding my sleek Apple device(s). So with a little hesitation I purchased the very fairly priced slap on case for my laptop and have been very happy with it.

While it does add a very slight bulk factor to the unit, I do feel MUCH better taking it out in less than ideal situations and not worrying about scratches of slightly dirty surfaces. It’s removal is very easy so even if I wanted to remove it for some reason it’s minimal hassle.  I’m very impressed with it so far and plan on using most of the time. Highly recommended if you’re a road warrior.

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