Safari 5: Reader

Along with the new iPhone, Apple also released a new version of Safari now at version five. Among the new features the browser now supports a Reader mode. Basically it works like this. When you’re reading an article on a site, Safari will detect this and add a reader icon in the URL bar as such:

reader button.png

If you click the Reader button the site you’re browsing will overlay with a clean article only version of the site. So for example you go from this:


To this:


In my experience Safari does a fairly decent job of detecting when you’re reading an article and for the most part it does a very good job of including all the relevant text. At times it will miss a key graphic (noticed this especially while on but otherwise I totally see myself using this feature and it’s ability to e-mail and print the clean Reader version as well. Try it out for yourself… Safari 5 should be in your Software Updates by now.

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