Take 2

So I finally got around to updating my Apple TV to the latest firmware. Update went very smoothly and I started to cruise around the new interface. I totally loved my Apple TV before the update but somehow I love it even more now. Three major initial luvin points:

1) 1080p output! Yeah!

2) AirTunes support! Are you serious? Very cool!

3) No more syncing my podcasts. Just click and watch. Nice!

I have yet to try out the AirTunes feature with it but if it works anything like the AirPort Express… super!

I did try out the movie rentals feature. I rented a HD movie and after entering in my iTunes credentials it started downloading and in about 2 minutes informed me my movie was ready for viewing. The initial 3-4 seconds into it stuttered a bit, but after it was perfect till the end. Was quite impressed with the video quality and 5.1 audio. I will definitely be renting more movies this way in the future.

What can I say. Apple managed to cram even more slick features into an already (in my opinion) great product. Can’t wait to see what else may be in store for the AppleTV.

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