I usually try not to rehash mac news that are more than well covered on the many popular mac news sites, however this one I wanted to comment on. Wired Magazine has an excellent article detailing how the iPhone came to be from it’s point of conception to the worldwide phenomenon it has become today. I always find these types of literature absolutely fascinating. It allows one to get a glimpse of the mindset of the people who are responsible for the products and services we use on a daily basis today. What’s most fascinating about this article though is how the struggle of getting the iPhone to be what we know it as today has not only raised the bar for what a mobile device can be, but how it has inadvertently changed the mobile industry as a whole.  The author, Fred Vigelstein, sums this up quite nicely towards the end. Even if you don’t own an iPhone you can appreciate what possibilities it has opened up for future developments in the industry.

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