Xcode on iOS?

I make a living writing cross platform Apps for my clients but if Apple ever came out with an iPad version of Xcode I would seriously figure out a way to just develop iOS Apps, grab an iPad Pro and call it a day 😉

Fascinating thought experiment for developers.

Xcode running directly on the iPad Pro could fix many of those problems. You now have a tablet powerful enough to run an IDE, with a very nice keyboard cover, and a screen big enough to encompass all the functionality of Xcode, capable of testing almost every feature of every iOS device ever made. You can code with your keyboard and test with multitouch. You could work on a desk and take your whole development environment with you on the couch, bed, or plane.



Looks like this actually may not be that far-fetched at all:

Fortunately, I want to believe there’s some hope here. Over the past few months, I’ve personally heard about an iPad Pro version of Xcode in early stages, being demoed internally at Apple. I don’t know if this will ever actually happen, but it sure would make for a nice surprise at WWDC next year.

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