ipad_hero_20100403.pngIt’s day four and I’ve finally been able to come up for some air after having been buried in all things iPad since Saturday. In spite of this blog I don’t consider myself a Mac fanboy but merely an Apple user and admirer of their products… but long story short: I haven’t been this excited for a new piece of technology since I got my first PC many many years ago. And yes that includes the iPhone.

It’s quite fascinating to see the general confusion amongst the media and consumers as to why they do or do not need an iPad and what market Apple is attempting to penetrate. And that’s what they don’t understand. This is the first time since the original Mac came out that Apple has truly created a new market altogether. The iPod and iPhone were entering an already established market.

The iPad however has created an entirely new segment to penetrate into. And no I don’t consider all the Tablet PC’s or other small form factor computing devices to be in the same camp as the iPad is in. Those devices were merely taking the PC and stuffing it into a form factor that was neither usable or intuitive. Apple, has with the iPad, not only created an entirely revolutionary new product but has also completely changed the way you interact with the cloud. The mouse is gone completely replaced with touch. The concept of multiple windows is gone replaced with an entirely new single interface concept originally introduced on the iPhone.

But the most exciting part that I don’t think anyone has quite caught onto that I have mentioned before is that you are now seeing web sites replaced with applications. Instead of going to time.com or abc.com you now download the Time Magazine application and the ABC Player application and experience the web in an entirely new, richer and intuitive way. Apple is completely changing the Internet as we know it. The concept of the Web with HTML, Javascript, Ajax, Flash, CSS which are all mere bandaids to an ancient medium is now all being replaced with Web Services and Applications to provide a much more secure, reliable and richer means of content presentation and interaction.

And that’s what is so revolutionary about the iPad. It’s not just a new device but also a new redefinition of the way we should be using the internet.

That’s my day four soap box brain dump. Initial impressions and must have apps to follow soon…

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