Fedex delivered a shiny new iPad 64 GB with 4G into my grubby hands 5 minutes past noon time today. What you need to know:

4G… nice
Better camera…nice
Better CPU.. more Ram… fluid… like butter.
Retina Display…

Oh I’m sorry I was distracted by the most amazing display I’ve ever seen on any device ever. Period.

You have to see it to understand. This was the way your digital photos were supposed to be viewed… on a device with a resolution capable of viewing most of your pictures pixels. It’s nothing short of stunning. Amazing. I can’t live without it. I actually now wish I could do all my work on my iPad because the resolution on my Air now looks down right sloppy.

Text on this thing is beyond crisp… it’s dare I say… perfect.

Wow. Just wow. I’l write more when I’m not so overwhelmed. If you have an iPad 2 and wondering if it’s worth it… yes. For the love of god YES!

Go get one… now.

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