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With the latest iteration to the MacBook Air’s that Apple released earlier this month, I now felt that the horse power and specs within this sliver of a machine was now up to my slightly more pro standards. Last Friday I picked up a maxed out 13″ Air (256MB SSD Core i7) and haven’t looked back, even for a second at my Mid 2010 15″ MacBook Pro.

My biggest concern with switching to the Air was missing the high resolution and extra real estate of my MBP. But with Lion’s new full screen mode it’s made the downgrade in extra pixels a non-issue for me. Even development in Xcode was a very pleasant experience.

The Core i7 CPU makes everything very fluid and snappy. Even running my Windows 7 virtual machine in Fusion did nothing to affect the responsiveness of my other running apps.

But the biggest change for me was the pounds of bulk I’ve shed. It was very surprising to me how much more mobile I’ve become the past few days and how much more pleasant it is to move between meetings, the road, home and back again. So much so in fact that I’m in the search for a new bag to carry my stuff in now that I don’t need to lug around the MBP.

It’s almost comical how much weight I was carrying around with the MacBook Pro and for anyone, except for the most hard core video editors, you shouldn’t hesitate to give the latest version of Apple’s svelte laptops a shot as their primary machine.

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