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Touch Bar Epiphany

Looking at the various ways Apple chose to use the Touch Bar in their own applications it occurred to me that when (yes when) Apple brings a form of the Touch Bar to the iPad Smart Keyboard it will drastically reduce the need to touch the iPad’s screen to perform a lot of common tasks.  […]

With the latest iteration to the MacBook Air’s that Apple released earlier this month, I now felt that the horse power and specs within this sliver of a machine was now up to my slightly more pro standards. Last Friday I picked up a maxed out 13″ Air (256MB SSD Core i7) and haven’t looked […]

So after about two and a half years I decided to upgrade my first generation black Macbook to one of the new ones released earlier this week. I went for the 2.4 GHz model and maxed out the memory to 4GB. After unpacking it, I plugged in my USB drive with the latest backup from […]