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The day Apple announced that they were bringing multitasking capabilities to the next iteration of iOS was the day I knew without a doubt that the days of snappy, fluid and instant feedback GUI response on my iPhone was over. Over time I have learned to love Apple’s implementation of allowing Apps to run certain processes […]

Same form factor as the AT&T iPhone 4 Antenna has been redesigned (four notches on the side instead of AT&T’s three) Available for existing customers to pre-order on February 3rd Available for everyone on February 10th $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB Can NOT use data while on a call Mobile hotspot for up to 5 […]

Bundled into the new 10.6.6 update today is Apple’s new Mac App Store. As expected this addition brings the seamless purchase and download experience of the iPhone to the Mac. So far it’s working out as expected and I anticipate it becoming as big a success as the iPhone and iPad app store. Check it out: