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So I’ve had my iPhone for about six weeks now. For a revision A product coming from a company that has never mass produced a mobile phone the result is beyond outstanding. You’ll hear many complain about it’s supposed drawbacks such as lack of 3G, it doesn’t work on my provider of choice, I can’t […]

Leopard: First Thoughts

So I finally got around to upgrading to Leopard on my first gen black MacBook.  Now that I’ve played around with it for a few days I can safely say: It’s good.  To be honest, for me, nothing too much has changed. Don’t get me wrong though, I am quite aware of the over 300 changes made […]

Apple: You got me.

I hadn’t been in an Apple store in quite some time. The iPod Touch had just come out. Those shiny new iMac’s had been out for some time now, and I had yet to check out those cool stubby iPod nano’s. So the other day I just happen to be in the vicinity of my […]