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I’ve owned three iPod’s since its inception and each one has served me wonderfully whether it be at home, traveling, at the gym or in the car. There are numerous ways to get your iPod to play over your car speakers but my preferred method is to utilize the line out on the iPod and […]

I’ve been a huge fan of VMware’s Fusion product ever since it was released. Many of us Mac users will occasionally need to sneak into Windows every now and then and Fusion makes it very easy. When I first installed XP as a virtual machine I allocated eight gigabytes of disk space for the the […]

So after about two and a half years I decided to upgrade my first generation black Macbook to one of the new ones released earlier this week. I went for the 2.4 GHz model and maxed out the memory to 4GB. After unpacking it, I plugged in my USB drive with the latest backup from […]