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I’ve been meaning to write this for some time now since I get numerous questions whenever I’m showing people something on my MacBook Pro or doing online demos for clients. The reason for the curiosity is that to the uninitiated it would seem like I magically switch from one full screen app to another by […]

Great post over at The Sweet Setup outlining how to save some precious disk space by taking advantage of iTunes Match. Having recently signed up for the service I couldn’t imagine not having it. Just another reason to give it a go.

This past weekend I finally decided to sign up for iTunes Match. The promise of syncing my music and playlists in the cloud and getting some valuable space reclaimed from my iPhone and iPad became quite appealing. Easier said than done. If you start doing a Google search for iTunes Match the first suggested autocomplete […]

For some reason I actually don’t have a lot of contacts that have extensions but this should be a great tip for a lot of you: iOS 6: Auto-Dialing Phone Extensions

Tired of save dialogs always defaulting to iCloud? This Terminal gem did the trick for me: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool false If you ever want to revert back simply rerun setting the last argument to true.

Great community generated list of some neat tricks in OSX. My favorite one so far: While Cmd tabbing between applications, without releasing CMD, you can hit ‘Q’ to quit or ‘H’ to hide the selected application. Worth a quick peruse… I’m sure even hardcore users will learn something new.

This has been driving me nuts for some time now. Great fix by Dr. Drang.

The first time one of these hidden iPhone feature type articles actually lists tips I never knew about… all three actually. Guarantee you’ll learn at least one new thing. My favorite is holding the back arrow in Safari to bring up your browsing history. Epic. Worth a read.

Great hack to get a quick scratch pad for some notes right in your browser. Check the comments too for some nice upgrades.