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So the final release of Firefox 3 was unleashed to the world today and as I mentioned before I really liked what they were doing with it. I even went as far as seriously pondering switching over completely. Well since then it seems that I’ve been spending pretty much all my time in Firefox as […]

So now that it’s official, we’re all loving the specs of the soon to be released second revision of the iPhone. 3G, GPS, better battery life and third party apps. All great additions to an already outstanding device. Back in early November I posted an entry entitled: Three iPhone features Apple missed. Shortly after, Apple […]

In my original post reviewing the networking side of Time Capsule I mentioned that I was having a heck of time getting any sort of VPN connection established. A few days ago I decided to give it another shot. Nothing had changed since my first attempt. No new firmware was released and no settings were […]