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The iPhone 4 has the joy of being by far the best selling product launch in Apple’s history. It’s also has the pleasure of receiving the largest number of complaints… and yours truly is chiming in! The antenna/signal issue seems to be the most talked about problem that’s making the rounds but the one I’ve […]

iPhone 4: Review

I think everyone already knows that the iPhone 4 is a great device. I almost hate to call it a phone because I use it’s phone capabilities about 20% of the time. A more fitting description of the iPhone would be a “personal digital media and communications device” instead of merely a phone but somehow […]

iPhone 4: Pre-Review

OK so I got my iPhone 4 today. Synced up my old phone once. Popped the new one in and about 45 minutes later after everything transferred over I was up and running. My 20 minute of usage review: Display is amazingly sharp and bright. Text renders very crisp. Camera is very fast and takes […]

Apparently some people are getting their pre-ordered iPhone 4’s today! Very jealous. Fortunately it looks like I’m one of the lucky few who will receive theirs at least a day early. I’ll take it! Dear Apple Store Customer, You recently received a Shipment Notification email from Apple advising you that your iPhone has shipped. This […]

While I eagerly await my iPhone 4 to arrive this Thursday, I do get to whet my appetite with the new iOS 4 which was released earlier today on my existing 3GS. Weighing in at 378 MB total the update took about 25 minutes from download to update to the phone rebooting. Once the phone […]

One of the new features in the new iPhone 4 is the addition of a 3-axis gyro sensor. I mentioned in my original highlights post that you really need to see it in action to understand what it’s capable of doing in an application. Well the WWDC 2010 video is out and if you tune […]

Safari 5: Reader

Along with the new iPhone, Apple also released a new version of Safari now at version five. Among the new features the browser now supports a Reader mode. Basically it works like this. When you’re reading an article on a site, Safari will detect this and add a reader icon in the URL bar as […]

iPhone 4 Highlights

The 2010 WWDC is over and the iPhone 4 was announced. Here’s a quick overview of the new features: Front facing camera for video calls called “FaceTime“. Works only with the new phone and only on WiFi. You can also flip the video to stream content from the rear camera if you want to show […]

All Things Digital is a yearly conference hosted by The Wall Street Journal that includes interviews with various influential leaders in media and technology. This year Steve Jobs was back to share his thoughts on various topics that I always find enlightening. Various video clips and info can be seen here as well as a […]