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So there’s a lot of hubbub about the cool new features in the upcoming iOS 4.2 release that will unify the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with a single consistent OS. Among the notable new features are AirPlay and AirPrint which are all well and good but my favorite new feature is actually “Find In […]

HDR isn’t a new concept in the photography world. I’ve been using this technique on my DSLR for some time now. Basically High Dynamic Range photography is a technique where by you take 3 sequential shots of a scene where two of the shots are over and under exposed. Having these two extra images allows […]

The iOS 4.1 release yesterday included the much anticipated fix for the finicky proximity sensory. So far it looks like it’s been fixed. I’ve been trying very hard while on calls to move the phone around, switch ears, hold it with my shoulder, etc… so far so good. I’ll give it another day or so […]