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iPad + Velcro


I’ve probably owned a half dozen Apple laptops over the years and every single time I always fork over a bit extra to get the extended warranty provided by Apple, better known as AppleCare, for my shiny new purchase. In the back of my mind I’ll always wonder why I decided to give an extra […]

Magic Trackpad

Apple released a slew of hardware updates today including updated iMac’s and the massive 27″ Cinema Display. But perhaps the most interesting was the release of a new accessory, the Magic Trackpad. The Magic Trackpad is quite simply a desktop version of the trackpad found in all of Apple’s portable line up. This allows users […]

I love how complete and concise Apple is when they need to make a point: Can’t wait to see how the media spins this once they can actually digest all the data and evidence Apple has put forth. The antenna test labs video they’ve put up is pretty interesting and impressive. Full press conference […]

Today’s Apple iPhone 4 press conference tried to qualm the completely overblown antenna issue that’s been making headlines the past few weeks. Free cases and bumper refunds should make a few people happy at least. What I was most excited about though is that Apple admitted it was working on a fix for my oh […]

Hopefully this fix that’s supposed to be released in a few weeks will resolve the proximity sensor issue as well: Read it here. And a great play by play translation of the letter here. 🙂