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As you can tell I’ve been on a bit of an iPad Pro obsession recently mostly because I’m just fascinated analyzing where Apple is going with this for their long term vision. This piece by Fraser Speirs is just genius: If you speak multiple languages – and who among us is not at least passably […]

Reeder 3

Solid update from my favorite RSS reader:   

Xcode on iOS?

I make a living writing cross platform Apps for my clients but if Apple ever came out with an iPad version of Xcode I would seriously figure out a way to just develop iOS Apps, grab an iPad Pro and call it a day 😉 Fascinating thought experiment for developers. Xcode running directly on the […]

iPad Pro Review

One of my favorite reviews of the new iPad Pro so far. Federico Viticci has a unique perspective as the iPad has been his primary computing device for some time now.   The iPad Pro is positioned as a more productive take on the iPad for those who need to get work done on it. […]