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Thoughts on Flash

I love these clear and concisely written monologues by Steve Jobs. Any decent Mac developer (or otherwise) could have most likely told you what’s related in this well written piece, but this one is for all those who still just don’t get it. Read and learn.

In my last post reviewing my new 15″ Mac Book Pro I gushed unashamedly about the new high resolution display I now had accessible for my viewing pleasure. An unusual side affect of all that extra real-estate is that I’ve inadvertently started using the Genius feature in iTunes. I never had any motivation to use […]

I love my original 13″ MacBook Unibody. With 4 GB of RAM and an upgraded Intel SSD drive it’s a powerhouse that gets the job done all in a sleek, tough and quiet package… for the most part. Being my primary machine for both work and personal use, I go from development (Xcode / Coda) […]

So the big news today in the iTunes App Store is the inclusion of the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone. It would seem many are quite surprised that Apple didn’t reject this from the store. After all why accept an application that is directly competing with Apple’s own built in Safari browser? Opera […]

It’s day four and I’ve finally been able to come up for some air after having been buried in all things iPad since Saturday. In spite of this blog I don’t consider myself a Mac fanboy but merely an Apple user and admirer of their products… but long story short: I haven’t been this excited […]