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One of my all time favorite Google Reader clients for the iPad and iPhone is Reeder. It’s gorgeous simplistic interface makes managing and reading your RSS feeds an absolute pleasure. Today you can try out the public beta version for OSX. It has the same simplistic interface and brings all the goodness of the iPad […]

Ecamm today announced a new application that allows virtually any printer you can connect to your Mac to be shared via Apple’s new soon to be released iOS 4.2 feature AirPrint. Called Printopia, the software is nicely integrated into your System Preferences and quietly shares any printer you choose to wirelessly. Once enabled you can […]

Thoughts on Flash

I love these clear and concisely written monologues by Steve Jobs. Any decent Mac developer (or otherwise) could have most likely told you what’s related in this well written piece, but this one is for all those who still just don’t get it. Read and learn.

Leopard: First Thoughts

So I finally got around to upgrading to Leopard on my first gen black MacBook.  Now that I’ve played around with it for a few days I can safely say: It’s good.  To be honest, for me, nothing too much has changed. Don’t get me wrong though, I am quite aware of the over 300 changes made […]