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With the recent release of the Magic TrackPad, Apple now has three desktop accessories that require AA batteries which apparently was enough to justify coming out with their very own rechargeable battery solution. The Apple Battery Charger is like any other wall socket charger but Applefied. Inside the box you’ll find documentation, the charger and […]

Apple’s latest input device is in the form of a trackpad almost identical to those found in all of their portable lineup. Most would ask why would you ever want, what most would consider, an inferior pointing device relegated to laptops to be used in a desktop setting? Well after using the device exclusively with […]

I’ve probably owned a half dozen Apple laptops over the years and every single time I always fork over a bit extra to get the extended warranty provided by Apple, better known as AppleCare, for my shiny new purchase. In the back of my mind I’ll always wonder why I decided to give an extra […]

Magic Trackpad

Apple released a slew of hardware updates today including updated iMac’s and the massive 27″ Cinema Display. But perhaps the most interesting was the release of a new accessory, the Magic Trackpad. The Magic Trackpad is quite simply a desktop version of the trackpad found in all of Apple’s portable line up. This allows users […]

In my last post reviewing my new 15″ Mac Book Pro I gushed unashamedly about the new high resolution display I now had accessible for my viewing pleasure. An unusual side affect of all that extra real-estate is that I’ve inadvertently started using the Genius feature in iTunes. I never had any motivation to use […]

I love my original 13″ MacBook Unibody. With 4 GB of RAM and an upgraded Intel SSD drive it’s a powerhouse that gets the job done all in a sleek, tough and quiet package… for the most part. Being my primary machine for both work and personal use, I go from development (Xcode / Coda) […]

It’s day four and I’ve finally been able to come up for some air after having been buried in all things iPad since Saturday. In spite of this blog I don’t consider myself a Mac fanboy but merely an Apple user and admirer of their products… but long story short: I haven’t been this excited […]

So at long last Apple today has finally revealed what everyone’s been speculating… the Apple tablet better known as the iPad. At the time of this writing (6 hours since it’s announcement) no one has used the device in any extensive fashion, but already I sense that most people have made up their mind that […]

Magic Mouse

Coincidently my wired mighty mouse started to get finicky on me recently and I also started to get weary of cleaning the track ball more and more frequently. Enter the release of Apple’s latest update to their mouse line: The Magic Mouse. Pairing and setup was a breeze. You will have to update your mouse […]

Intel released an update for my fancy SSD that resolves issues related to long term fragmentation of the drive that causes it to slow down considerably the more it’s used and filled up. Unfortunately the firmware update, which is released as a bootable ISO, won’t detect the drive if it’s on a system using an […]

SSD Goodness!

Ever since solid state drives became available to consumers I’ve wanted one. The concept of an SSD just made so much sense but at the time the capacity limitations and the cost to entry just didn’t make sense to plunge into. Lucky for me I waited since it would take years before the speed of […]